Sjanger: Advertising

Hyundai IONIQ Talks

Hyundai IONIQ Talks Commercial film, 2023   Youtube-series made for Hyundai, about EV experiences and their models IONIQ 5 and 6. Shot on location in Norway and Germany.   Agency: Redwood BBDO Creative Director: Paul Kurzeja UK Producer: Geoff Gedroyc and Ben Murray-Watson NO Producer: Isak Jensen Weie Director: George Messa 1st AD: Erik Lusser … Continued

Festningen Festival

FESTNINGEN FESTIVAL Commercial film, 2023   Aftermovie for Festningen Festival 2023.   Producer/director: Isak Jensen Weie DOP: Aleksander Askim OP: Henrik Flatås, Sindre Aalberg, Kasper Nystrøm, Huyrebel Aerials, FPV: Above Media Stills: Geir Mogen Edit: Jon Vatne, Aleksander Askim Sounddesign: Syncpoint Score: Erlend Elvesveen Log: Sondre Strømholm

Grøntvedt Biotech

The Phonecall Commercial film, 2022   A commercial film made for Grøntvedt Biotech, about their new product CETO3™. CETO3™ is Grøntvedt Biotechs branded ingredient for their Cetoleic acid & Omega-3 product.   Commercial edit: Industry edit:   Producer: Henrik Flatås Co-producer: Isak Weie Director: Sindre Aalberg Director of photography: Sindre Aalberg & Aleksander … Continued

Viking Venture

Viking Venture Commercial film, 2023   In 2001, Erik Fjellvær Hagen and Jostein Vik founded Viking Venture as a classic venture capital firm. Over time, they have evolved into the leading business-to-business (B2B) software investor in the Nordics. Their expertise? Helping Nordic growth-stage B2B SaaS companies scale.  

Visit Norway

Visit Norway Commercial, 2019 Short film made for Visit Norway about Norwegian agritourism for children. Agency: Bleed Director & Screenwriter: Jon Vatne Director of Photography: Karl Erik Brøndbo Editor: Øyvinn Haugrud Kastnes Sound Design: Jørgen Meyer  


Sparebank1 SMN Commercial film, 2023   One of several films made for Sparebank1 SMN in a campaign about proof of financing when buying your first home.   Producer: Isak Jensen Weie Director: Magnus Skatvold DOP: Sindre Aalberg Edit: Øyvinn Kastnes, Magnus Skatvold Sounddesign: Syncpoint


SINTEF Commercial film, 2022   A presentation of SINTEF Industry, which communicates the vision «technology for a better society», emphasizing the topic of a greener, more sustainable industry.   Producer: Henrik Flatås Director: Magnus Skatvold DOP: Sindre Aalberg Edit: Magnus Skatvold    


NTNU – Faculty of Natural Sciences Commercial, 2022 We made a film to help the Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU recruit even more brilliant students and scientists.


NTNU – Bachelor in Chemistry Commercial, 2021 One of many films made for the Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU. Watch the biology film here:


NTE – Tomatoes Commercial, 2020 One of several humorous films made for the Norwegian power company NTE. Scroll down for more stills from our various NTE productions.