Sjanger: Advertising


NTNU – Food Science Commercial, 2021 One of many films made for the Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU. Watch the biology film here:

Frosta kommune

Frosta Kommune Commercial, 2 min, 2017 Short film made for Frosta municipality, showing why Frosta is a nice place to live. Agency: Tibe-T Screenwriter: Frank S. Dybhavn Director: Vegard Dahle Co-director: Harald Øren Director of Photography: Henrik Flatås Editor: Øyvinn Haugrud Kastnes  


INCREO Commercial, 1 min, 2016 Our friends at INCREO celebrates 20 years and wanted to show the world how they work.

Kari Traa

Kari Traa Promotion 1 min, 2016 A film showcasing the diverse product line of Kari Traa, made in co-production with BERRE.


NTNU – EPT Promotion 3 min, 2017 Made for the Department of Energy and Process Engineering at NTNU, with great VFX by Mograf.

Nidarosdomens guttekor

Nidarosdomens guttekor Promotion 3 min, 2016 Series of films made for Nidarosdomen Boys Choir, the oldest boys choir in Norway.


RBK – Spring Awakening Commercial, 1 min, 2016 Rosenborg, Norway’s biggest football club. Getting ready for the 2016 season.


Folkeuniversitetet – where you are Commercial, 40 sec, 2014 Folkeuniversietet, the peoples university of Norway, aims to be Norway’s most flexible study.


Devico – Gold Explorers Commercial/presentation, 2 min, 2016 Devico has for decades developed equipment to search for gold, diamonds and other minerals. This is a short presentation of the company’s exciting history. A part of


HydroCen Commercial/presentation 2 min, 2016 The future is renewable and hydropower is Norway’s main source of renewable energy. HydroCen is researching new improved technological and environmental friendly solutions in areas as production and planning in order to meet future demands.