Sjanger: Documentary

The Cultural Schoolbag «DKS»

DKS / Den Kulturelle skolesekken Education, 2022 The Cultural Schoolbag is a national programme designed to ensure that all school pupils in Norway experience professional art and culture of all kinds.   We followed four creative people from the art scene in Trøndelag. How do you become an artist? What does it take to make … Continued

Documentary Showreel

Documentary Showreel   This is an excerpt from the documentaries Spætt Film has produced from 2014-2020. Watch the showreel here:

The Groundbreakers

The Groundbreakers Documentary web series, 2020   In 2020, the struggling Norwegian female soccer team Trondheims-Ørn teamed up with the most winning male soccer team in Norway and changed their name to Rosenborg. What can be achieved with the new name and such a powerful brand on their side?   Available at   Director: … Continued

Blue Code of Silence

Blue Code of Silence Documentary, 2020   Misuse of power has always been part of the police world in the US, much because of the unwritten rule to never tell on another cop. Blue Code of Silence gives a rare insight into the corruption of the infamous NYPD in the 1970s, and tells the story … Continued

Train Robbers

Train Robbers Documentary, 2019   In the mid 90s a gang of young criminals roamed the streets of Ranheim, a working class suburb of Trondheim. They executed successful heists stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of soda and beer from the northbound freight train. No one expected the culprits to be young boys aged … Continued


Polyfonatura Documentary, 2019   The eccentric sound artist Eirik Havnes is preparing his most ambitious project ever: A symphonic masterpiece with the nature as his orchestra.   Directed by Jon Vatne. Shot by Kristian Davik Larssen. Edited by Trude Lirhus. Music by Eirik Havnes.   Supported by Norwegian Film Institute, Mid-Norway Filmcenter, Arts Council Norway … Continued

Life according to Havnes

Life according to Havnes Documentary, 2020   A hybrid between poetry, fiction, and concert. An existential journey through the streets of Oslo in 45 minutes shot in realtime with two camera-crews. The poet Eirik Havnes performs a self-written poem while a crew of 50 filmmakers, dancers, extras, and musicians are in action. A highly ambitious … Continued

Being Eriko

Being Eriko Co-production, documentary feature, 2020   A documentary film about classical music, female agency and the cultural clashes and contradictions experienced by the Japanese classical pianist Eriko Makimura.   Spætt Film was the Norwegian co-producer and facilitated for editing in Oslo and sound design and mix in Trondheim. The film won the NORDIC:DOX award … Continued

Off the Grid

Off the Grid Documentary, 2019 Off the grid is a documentary about Ola Ravn’s (27) dream of living on his own terms. He decides to build an off-the-grid mini house in the middle of Trondheim, Norway without taking out a loan. The house purifies rainwater, gets its power from the sun and all garbage and … Continued


Attention Documentary, 2019   The number of dropouts from high school costs society millions each year. Norwegian schools are considered as among the best in the world. Why do we still in average have 30% dropouts, and up to 50% in the districts? Director Guro Saniola Bjerk has followed Morten and his classmates for 10 … Continued